Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Forthcoming: Sheila Copeland - Diamond Revelation

Sheila Copeland
Diamond Revelation
October 30, 2007
Bestselling author Sheila Copeland captivates her readers with powerful heroines. The strong, sexy women of A Chocolate Affair are back for another deliciously indulgent tale about fame, fortune, and friendship…

Sabre Cruz is living the diamond life. Blazin’ up the music charts at nineteen, she’s about to become a number-one diva. That is until Topaz, her childhood idol, knocks the hot, young beauty out of the top spot with her long-awaited CD. But it’s Sabre’s turn to shine, and she’s determined to put Topaz back in her place—down at the bottom...
Nina Beaubien is in total charge and revamping the Suicide Record Label. She can’t believe her good luck: cousin Topaz just signed with Suicide. Nina feels the pressure of keeping it all up: her sexy, new attitude; a chance to rule in a man’s world—and hiding a secret Sabre would love to know.
Topaz has it all: a legendary singing career and a perfect family. That is, until Sabre digs up dirt that could destroy the superstar’s sweet life. When her long-ago sacrifice made for the sake of fame and family is revealed, everything Topaz treasures is on the line.


Now there’s no way to keep it tight when close bonds start to shatter, and an explosive secret threatens to shake up the lives of these three extraordinary women


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