Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Forthcoming: Rena A. Finney - I Ain't Perfect

Rena A. Finney
I Ain't Perfect

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Monica Joyner Phillips is the leading lady of New Horizon Ministries. Her beauty and confidant persona is the envy of every woman that enters the sanctuary on Sunday morning and her well-maintained physique is delectable eye candy for many of the men. She has learned to care little about the church members summation of her worth, what always mattered was standing by her man Pastor Xavier Winston Phillips that is until now.

Lady Phillips has grown tired of the competing with the needs of New Horizon and the 1,500 member congregation. Monica has decided to give in to her own desires and to seek pleasure wherever and whenever.

When #1 NBA draft pick, Bryce Sinclair joins the fold of New Horizon, he is welcomed with open arms. But while the financial officers are considering the benefits, Bryce has set his sights on Monica Phillips and imagining the possibilities. Despite his age and her status, they ignite a spark that neither can turn away from.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful book!! I wish you luck on your next one!! Be encouraged!

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