Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Forthcoming: Sonya Sparks - Too Many Secrets, Too Many Lies

Sonya Sparks
Too Many Secrets, Too Many Lies
October 30, 2007

In this web of deception, Ashland's mother, Bianca, fights hard to supress the truth from her daughter because she doesn't want her to marry Jordan who's the grandson of an ex-lover she loathes. Jordan's return to Ashland's life cause Bianca's world to fall apart. Ashland's marriage to Jordan will last only over Bianca's dead body. Ashland soon finds out how cruel and vengeful her mother can be. There's a price to pay for redemption and Bianca will go to any length to get it.

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Anonymous said...

This is propably the best book I've read in YEARS!!!



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