Monday, October 15, 2007

The Forthcoming: Stacy-Deanne - Everlasting

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Everlasting is the chronicle of two equally fascinating Latino teenagers, seventeen-year-old Juan Alonso and sixteen-year-old Nina Sagastume, who fall in love despite unrelenting odds.
Juan is a political, outspoken romantic who believes education and determination is the key to a better life. His brother Rico is the leader of the notorious Bronx street gang, The New York Assassins. Juan can't seem to escape the hold of his community until he meets Nina. Nina is a striking, straight-laced dreamer who's never even been kissed. She quickly becomes Juan's salvation. In return, Juan allures her with his charm and inspiring intelligence. Nina finds herself doing something that she's never done...falling in love. It isn't until Juan rules her heart that Nina finds out he's affiliated with the New York Assassins, the rival gang of the Bronx Gangstas, an equally powerful street gang led by her cousin Tajo. Tajo and Rico refuse to let Nina and Juan run off into the sunset. Tajo and Rico will do anything to keep the war between the gangs solid and anything within their power to keep Juan and Nina apart.
Things become even more complicated for Juan and Nina when Chino, a jealous Bronx Gangsta admirer determined to be with Nina, enters the picture. Despite the intervention of their families, friends and utter violence of the gangs' retribution, Juan and Nina learn the hard way that true love is definitely worth fighting for.

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