Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Forthcoming: Jacki Simmons - The Madam

Jacki Simmons
The Madam
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Jade Wilcox is a queen bee at the top of her game. She s the number-one celebrity agent in the country, she s got a great man, and everyone she knows is an A-Lister. But nothing lasts forever. Everyone knows that sex sells, so when her near-bankrupt boss uses that idea to his advantage, it means a world of change is headed for Jade. Her fairy-tale life is about to turn into a nightmare as she fills shoes she d never thought she would wear: those of a madam, a mother hen to a flock of high-priced call girls. As she struggles to juggle both sides of her life, Jade must keep herself and her girls on the right side of the law without losing her own life or anyone else. This becomes harder and harder to do because the smallest triggers become everyone motivation for murder. Jade has her eye on the finish line, but can she get there before she becomes a victim of the world she has worked so hard to become a part of?

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