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NEW REVIEW: Carmen Jones - Second Chances

Second ChancesCarmen Jones
Second Chances (e-book)
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3.5 out of 5 books

Raven Kennedy has just made a major discovery for the Atlanta Museum where she is the director. She is even more excited when the board decides that they want her to be the one to attend the auction to acquire the journal. However, the auction could not be in a worse place or at a worse time. The only man that she has ever loved, and still loves, will also be in Hilton Head the same weekend for his family reunion. The break-up with Wesley Hamilton even caused Raven to put distance between her and her best friend Katya Hamilton, who happens to be Wesley's cousin. Wesley is not at all pleased when he learns that Raven is in Hilton Head. He does, however, want answers. When Raven's life is threatened on more than one occasion, Wesley is torn between the love he still feels for Raven and the betrayal that he felt when she left without a word.

Second Chances by Carmen Jones was a good read. The character development of the main and secondary characters was great. This was a must because the secondary characters played an integral part of the story. I was however disappointed with the suspense aspect of the book. I thought the book was very predictable. Even though it didn't read as a very suspenseful novel, the romance part was very well written. Overall I think Second Chances was an enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews 

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