Saturday, April 02, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Ci Ci Foster - Sunny Rain

Sunny RainCi Ci Foster
Sunny Rain
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4 out of 5 books

Natalie, Monica, and Leslie are three friends that are going through very different paths in life. Natalie and her husband Bryce's different work schedules are taking a toll on their marriage. Natalie faces a huge dilemma when she becomes attracted to another man. Monica is focused on getting back her ex named Ray but is he really worth the extra effort? Leslie loves having a variety of male company, but she meets her match when she meets Derrick. These women go through some trials and tribulations that will change their lives forever.

Sunny Rain is an entertaining novel about friendship and the things that women sometimes go through to achieve true happiness. But Sunny Rain is not your typical girlfriends’ book. Ci Ci Foster did a good job of developing multi-dimensional characters. You get to see how each of these women deal with complex situations in their own way. There were some surprising twists and turns in this book that you won’t see coming. Foster did a good job of dealing with the issue of post-partum depression, something that is rarely talked about in African American fiction. Sunny Rain is a wonderful debut novel by CiCi Foster.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert for Urban Reviews

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