Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Thomas Slater - Show Stoppah

Show Stoppah (Zane Presents)Thomas Slater
Show Stoppah
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5 out of 5 books

Let me first say WOW. If you think you know what’s in store for you between the covers of Show Stoppah, I urge you to read the book for yourself. Kimpa and Isis meet at The Woman’s First Shelter, which provides support for woman who have been physically and mentally abused. How they landed in such a place will knock your socks off.

Homeless at sixteen, Kimpa Peoples fell in love with aspiring author, Brody Ellis, who is as evil and conniving as they come. To finance his dream of writing a book, he manipulates Kimpa into prostitution. Kimpa was raised by a strong woman with Christian values who spared nothing on tough love. The decision to do or not to do weighed heavy on her mind. What would her mother think from her grave? With the promise of making her co-author on the book, Kimpa agrees and quickly finds that sometimes a dream should remain a visionary fantasy in our mind.

Isis just finished high school and is now looking for a summer filled with sun and fun. But her aunt and uncle won’t hear of it. Her uncle tells her "the streets are dangerous and no place for a young lady." With an academic scholarship under her belt, Isis felt like she had earned the opportunity to hang with her girls.  Believing her elderly guardians didn’t understand her need to flex, Isis ignored all their words and headed for the club. Her book smarts were no match for the handsome, suave Denero Ganteeny.

As different as Kimpa and Isis are, they have qualities that are identical. This includes their love of money and need for love, which caused temporary blindness and a lot of heartache. Both girls are desperate for something and frustrated enough to act outside the box, not only for themselves but for women everywhere.

This is yet another "Zane Presents" showcased book which certainly satiated this reader’s taste buds. Show Stoppah is NEVER flat or boring; it draws you into the story and holds you hostage. You wish you could close the book because watching the pain, agony and defeat these two go through at the hands of very powerful men is just too much. But you stay and root for Kimpa and Isis because you cannot turn your back on them. Thomas Slater has done an extraordinary job of crafting this storyline and keeping all the details connected chronologically and the characters true to who they were with realistic growth. I thought  that this book was just another hip hop urban tale about two girls taking over a radio show, but don’t get it twisted because this is a SHOW STOPPAH! Lights Out!

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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