Monday, April 04, 2011

NEW REVIEW: J. Evan Johnson - When It's Too Late to Tell

When It's Too Late to TellJ. Evan Johnson
When It's Too Late To Tell
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3 out of 5 books

Mark Cooke is an elementary teacher, a devoted husband, and father of two who has the picture perfect life and is a believer.  His wife, Jade, is a pharmacy tech and is very active in the church.  Their lives are so full of activity and devotion to so many projects that they forget each other in the process, which opens the door to a great divide.  Craig Barlow is Mark’s best friend and a financial advisor that is searching for a mate to spend his life with.  His assistant, Alberta “Bert” DeVries, is always there with words of wisdom for Craig with his many disillusioned dates and companions.  She intercedes in prayer for Craig because she knows his heart, but she hopes that one day he'll find his faith again before it’s too late and takes just one moment to look into the window of her very soul.

When It’s Too Late To Tell is a mediocre read about life, trials and tribulations in relationships.  When your past knocks on the door of your present situations, how will Christians let what man means for bad work for their good?  Will they be able to withstand the many temptations, or will they fall and lose what they’ve worked so diligently in building?  Is the faith of a mustard seed enough to maintain what God has joined?  When you’re bitter and have turned your back on God’s goodness, do you still expect goodness to be in your life?  How can you see love when it’s staring you in your face if you’re too busy looking at your past hurts and discouragements?  These are situations that are addressed within this read.  True to life scenarios, real life dialogue, and the testing of faith on a daily basis with regular people…for your eyes only!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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