Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NEW REVIEW: T.N. Williams - Peace of Me

Peace of Me (Urban Christian)T.N. Williams
Peace of Me
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4.5 out of 5 books

Celia Alexander believes that God is trying to test her faith. When her husband Khalil is sent to prison, she is having a hard time trying to get her life back on track and forgiving him at the same time. Celia stumbles across a young girl in Detroit that may be linked to her husband in some way. During her investigation, will Celia find more than she bargained for, or will she believe that the Lord has her best interest at heart?

Khalil has been sent to prison, but he is far more than a prisoner. Still, with connections to the outsid, Khalil's strange business will either add more time to his sentence or secure him a get out of jail free card. While all of this family drama is going on, Celia and Khalil's daughter, Kaleia, is suffering. In order to mask the pain, she decides to take a unhealthy route to get her through her pain. When she lands in a hospital bed, Kaleia realizes that life is too precious to just throw it away. Will Celia, Kaleia, and Khalil find the peace they need to move on?

Peace of Me by T.N. Williams is a novel about redemption and forgiveness. The book just flowed from page to page. Each time a new chapter started, you knew exactly how the author was going to present the character in that chapter. There was a very strong spiritual presents in this book. It never became too preachy, and it gave you a sense of how the Lord worked throughout each character lives. The book had a good pace, never got dull, and just was a good Christian fiction novel that kept your interest. Peace of Me by T.N. Williams is a very good read.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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