Wednesday, January 11, 2023

New Review : Blue Like Me : Aaron Philip Clark

4.5 out of 5 books

Blue Like Me is book 2 in this police drama series focusing on the haps and mishaps of African American Detective Trevor  “Finn” Finnegan.  Book 1, Under the Color of Law set the stage in introducing us to Finn and the seemingly impossible odds he faced being part of the LAPD and being a Black Man in the department.

Things didn’t end well and in Blue Like Me, we find that Detective Finn is no longer with the LAPD (in an official capacity) but is now doing private investigating for a firm.  We learn more about Finn’s private life and the personal problems that he’s dealing with.  And just when he thinks things are getting back on track (we do too), he witnesses an event that pulls him right back into the LAPD cesspool.  

He is faced with having to clear his name, working with a former partner who has a vendetta to score, solving a murder, satisfying his girlfriend, and dealing with his father’s addictions.  Enough?  Sounds like a lot and in theory it is.  And there are a few twists that I haven’t mentioned because well, you just need to read the book.  Author Clark plays the story out in magnificent form.  He moves the plot along while keeping you guessing, wondering how Finn is going to work things out, to a great set up for the next volume in the Detective Trevor Finnagan saga.

Like James Patterson has done with the Alex Cross series, Aaron Philip Clark is going to do with Trevor Finnagan.

Reviewed by Josephine Winfrey

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