Thursday, January 05, 2023

New Review : The Last Minute First Lady by Tinia Montford


5 out of 5 books


Show of hands, who loves a good fake marriage/ relationship? *Raises hand* Hey, who doesn’t love a juicy story, am I right?

Cassian is a lawyer / politician running for governor, and Jolie is an investigative journalist, on her way to receiving a well-deserved promotion. They’ve got so many complications, getting married could solve all their problems, right? This book has all the makings for a good Thursday night drama series, the kind where everyone knows not to call or text you during that hour, and it’s all the topic around the cubicles the next day. You’ve got relationship drama, family drama, scandals, love, steamy sex, and mystery, a little “Please, baby, please!” What’s not to like? 

The first chapter of The Last Minute First Lady pulls you in, the remaining chapters hold you hostage, barely allowing for snack / bathroom breaks. I wanted to read fast to see what happens next, but I also wanted to read slow to extend ending the book. This was my first read by the author, Tinia Montford, and it definitely will not be my last!  She described the various locales to the point it made me feel like I wanted to travel there.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who’s like me, and loves a good read with lots of drama, laughter, a relatable plot and characters you fall in love / hate with, this book is for you.

 I received an ARC copy of this book from Book Funnel, and am voluntarily providing an honest review.                  

Reviewed by  Kiera Northington    

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