Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Forthcoming - Erick S. Gray - It's Like Candy

Erick S. Gray
It's Like Candy

March 20, 2007

Sisters River and Starr leave home in their early teenage years after a lifetime of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of their drug-addicted mother. River joins a stick-up crew, robbing drug dealers and pimps after she tempts them with her beauty. But she doesn't know that her crew has one secret they won't even let her in on, and when she falls in love with Eric, one of her victims, she wants out of their dirty game.

Her little sister Starr is working for a pimp named Rome by the time she's 16. After one of her dates assaults and beats her in a motel room, she meets a woman in the hospital who wants to help her change her life. But the game has a hard pull, and Starr can't get out so easily.

Enter Yung Slim: cousin of Eric, out of jail on parole after 7 years, and looking to reclaim the streets for himself and make even on some old grudges. Yung Slim and Rome go to battle, and Eric, torn among his love for River, his ties to his cousin, and the lure of the streets, gets way in over his head. As things on the streets get too hot to handle, the power wars come to a head in an explosive conclusion you gotta read to believe.


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