Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Forthcoming: Quentin Carter - Contagious (Triple Crown)

Quentin Carter
March 13, 2007

Maurice Jones is a smooth, conniving player who specializes in manipulating young women for his own financial gain. Tired of dealing with the same naïve women day after day, Maurice searches for the one female who can match his wit. Nekole Mitchell is a scheming hood wench who slithers her way into Maurice s life, spreading her sweet but deadly venom amongst Maurice s circle of friends. What begins as a game for Maurice turns into a Contagious cycle of lust, disgust ... and murder, when everyone becomes a victim of their own stratagem.

About the Author
Quentin Carter is a 27-year-old native of Kansas City, Missouri. Currently, Quentin is serving a 10 year sentence in federal prison under the harsh crack cocaine law. In addition to his debut title, the Essence best selling Hoodwinked, Triple Crown Publications recently released the sequel entitled In Cahootz and his latest, Contagious. In the near future, Quentin hopes to grow as an author and become a writer of multiple genres.


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