Friday, March 16, 2007

The Forthcoming: J.D. Mason - This Fire Down In My Soul

J.D. Mason
This Fire Down In My Soul

April 3, 2007

Love. Sex. Obsession. When Faylene Watkins starts counseling the women of her husband’s congregation, three very different women teach her just how dangerous the combination can be.

Choir girl Elise thinks she's found a good man in Jay. A truck driver, he came blowing into her life one sultry night. Irresistible and sensual, he’s caught up in romancing Elise. However, when she’s ready for happily ever after, he realizes that he can't just walk away from his wife and two children. And Elise just can’t seem to let him go.

Everyone knows that singles ministry leader Renee is full of herself. When she takes her latest interior decorating job, she thinks her client’s husband is hot, and together, they're on fire. Meanwhile, his wife wants to be friends, and it’s not long before the whole thing turns into a twisted game.

For twenty-five years Tess's life revolved around her unfaithful husband (who sits on the deacon’s board) and their two wonderful sons. But now the kids have left the nest and Tess wants to spread her wings. She’s got a new job and a new social life (outside of the church) when a new man--a most forbidden man--steps into the picture to rock her world. But all that glitters isn't gold.


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