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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Forthcoming: Marsha D. Jenkins-Sanders - The Other Side Of Through

Marsha D. Jenkins-Sanders
The Other Side Of Through
March 20, 2007

Taking the reader where everyone wants to go—to the source, Marsha D. Jenkins-Sanders introduces us to the story’s beautiful heroine Katlyn Kincaid, a woman who has it all. Possessing an abundance of charm, class, wit, and sex appeal, this successful songwriter is married to the rising singing sensation, Justin Kincaid. Her life is the perfect dream come true. The fact that hundreds of adoring females secretly (some not so secretly) want to step into her shoes and be the next Mrs. Justin Kincaid has never bothered Katlyn, until now.

Stumbling into the Brazilian Goddess, Nikki—a “Plastic Surgeon’s Masterpiece”, at Justin’s Los Angeles concert leaves Katlyn feeling the need to squat, raise her leg and mark her territory. With a number one song in the charts, written by Katlyn, Justin knows he owes her big time—but gratitude isn’t enough to keep him from straying. Despite his denial, it’s becoming clear the only thing keeping them together is a commitment Justin can no longer honor. As Katlyn is forced to let go of her fairytale for the reality of being in love with a man she’s supposed to share with the world, she embarks on a life-altering emotional and spiritual journey in this intricate and thoroughly engaging novel.



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