Friday, March 09, 2007

The Forthcoming: Michael Covington - Chances (Triple Crown)

Michael Covington
March 12, 2007

Fresh off lock down, DeAndre is back on the inner-city streets of Chi-Town ready to reclaim the glory that he left behind and get paid in a major way. What he thought was going to be an easy transition back into the life of a hustler quickly revealed otherwise. In the midst of coming up in the game and dealing with his own issues is his sister, Deidre, who is all grown up and heavily involved with a notorious and abusive King Pin. DeAndre s attempt to deliver her from the hands of this vicious maniac, the murder of a childhood friend and the deceit of an ex-lover scorned, turns his world upside down, sending him on a path of vengeance from Chicago across international waters. In an urban plot of sex, money, loyalty and betrayal, come witness street life where we are affected by the choices we make and the Chances we take.

About the Author
Michael Covington, a native of Chicago, Illinois, is a graduate of Chicago Vocational High School. Always having had a passion for writing, he used his time and solitude in USP Atlanta Federal Penitentiary to hone his craft. Chances is his first of many novels. He believes that there is a message in every story and the sometimes raw, uncut and uncompromising language in which he writes depicts the reality of life in the stresses of Urban America where we can affected by the choices we make and the chances we take. A faithful advocate for the quality of African Americans, Blacks, people of color and other minorities, he is a supporter of N Cobra-ATL, GSU Black Studies Dept, WFRG 89.3 Community radio station, National Hip Hop Convention, as well as a frequent coordinator of hip-hop summits, poetry slam jams and other various events.


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