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NEW REVIEW: Deouan Wilson - For The Love Of The Trigger

Deouan Wilson -
For the Love of the Trigger -
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What would you do if 10 years of your life were taken from you? Is revenge always the right plan of action, or will it lead to more issues and battles to conquer?

William Rucker has a lot of his mind. 10 years gives a man a lot to think about...his past, his present, and his future. William has been incarcerated for the last ten years because of betrayal and a set up gone wrong by his best friend Gavin. With a drug habit kicked, William is out for revenge. But it’s hard to conquer the past when the present keeps knocking at your door. Will William accomplish his goals, or will his situation and circumstances have him looking down the barrel of a trigger?

Gavin is ruthless and grimy. People fear him because of his father Luscious, and all of the connections that he has. Gavin has done a lot of wrongs and betrayed many, but his father has always had his back and got him out of tough situations.  But with Rucker back on the street, Gavin has a lot to lose. With the chance of his secret being revealed, what will be Gavin’s next move? Will Gavin silence Rucker for good?

Luscious, a one time preacher turned crime boss, has seen and done a lot in his lifetime, and his conscience is bearing heavy on him. Luscious is trying to cope with what could be his final days. With his son Gavin next in line to take his throne, Luscious has some important decisions to make. Luscious has a lot of connections, and made a lot of important relationships, but when it comes to family, what line shouldn’t you cross? How many times can a person bail someone out whom just doesn’t seem to want to do right? Will Luscious be able to settle all these matters in enough time, or will some issues remain unresolved?

For the Love of the Trigger was a compelling story of tug-of war by Deouan Wilson. The streets keep calling your name, but when you have responsibilities to tend to, there comes a time to reevaluate your life. Decisions aren’t just for you; other things have to be taken into consideration, and the consequences of a hash decision can lead to a deadly outcome. I think the book definitely was a wide awakening for those who can't leave that hustling life alone. I enjoyed how the author created a scene for each character, and the storyline was definitely a realistic one. For the Love of the Trigger was an enjoyable read from this debut author.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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