Saturday, April 10, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Patrice Franklin - The Last Good Man

The Last Good ManPatrice Franklin -
The Last Good Man -
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Charles Budrow is a supervisor for DC’s metro bus system who believes that he can make a difference in the world. His peculiar aura is that he is also a born again Christian that doesn’t proclaim his spirituality by intimidating words but by his humility and acts of kindness. Charles mentors the youth in the community, visits his mother, and is a worker in the church.

Wanda Harold is an estranged wife that’s accustomed to the finer things in life due to her upbringing and the life her husband afforded her and the family. But when Wanda's husband leaves her for another woman, she’s struggling to find her foothold in an independent nature while trying to stay strong for her children. Alcohol has become her closest companion; morning, noon, and evening...good days as well as bad days.

Upon their paths crossing, an attraction blossoms despite Wanda’s snobbish reservations surrounding Charles' career path and title.

Patrice Franklin’s illustration of love in unlikely places is charming with the introduction of her two central characters. The Last Good Man is brimming with relatable circumstances, emotions, reactions and words of God which really put a positive stamp on this read. There are numerous challenges addressed, such as: Will Charles’ goodness shine brilliantly enough to capture Wanda’s heart? Has heartbreak dimmed Wanda’s aspect of love and life? Will she choose addiction over her children and the chance of loving The Last Good Man? These and more are sandwiched between the pages of this read!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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