Monday, April 05, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Erica Hilton - Diamond Syndicate

The Diamond SyndicateErica Hilton -
Diamond Syndicate -
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Diamond Reed dreams of living the glamorous life by any means necessary. She’s beyond reproach and has no conscience about who she hurts while trying to ‘get hers.’ Spoiled as a child, she honed the skill of manipulation while watching her father abuse her mother. Feeling no sympathy, she in turn incites some of those beatings. Love is a foreign word in Diamond's world; she has no perception of its meaning.

Living life fast and furious, Diamond becomes a single mom and wastes no time blaming young Dante for her failures . Everyone has a place and purpose in her world, and they are all to be used for her benefit. Medicaid case worker Shakeeda Bingham naively falls victim to assisting Diamond in one of her illegal schemes and discovers the malevolent side of her co-conspirator. Using her feminine wiles, Diamond lures young ballers in and plays them for all they’re worth. She uses her sexual prowess to influence them to more lucrative criminal activity while challenging them mentally, as well as physically, against one another in their quest for her love.

Does Diamond achieve her lifelong goal of becoming rich and beautiful? Will she reap all the evil that she has sown? Will young Dante have to pay for his mother’s transgressions? Can her sexual hold over the youngsters remain intact, or will they outwit her in the end? How many will fall under her tyranny?

Diamond Syndicate by Erica Hilton is definitely a fast paced as well as unique read. Erica Hilton’s depiction of an evil, cunning, and intelligent vixen is exemplary and will astound you with each captivating, unfolding scene. Super read! Great job Ms. Hilton!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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