Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Jennifer Coissiere - Crossing Over

Crossing OverJennifer Coissiere -
Crossing Over -
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Crossing Over by Jennifer Coissiere is a story of a woman’s journey in “crossing over” to the next stage of her life. 15-year-old Rachelle Martin has a huge void in her heart when her mother suddenly passes away on Mother's Day. Rachelle adamantly refuses to ever sing again since it brings such painful memories of the day her mother died. At the age of 30, Rachelle’s father only requests one thing of her for Christmas. More than anything, he wants to hear Rachelle sing again, but she would rather do anything other than that. With the love of her father and the church, she tries to heal the pain and the loss she has felt for so many years.

Raheem, Rachelle’s twin, has always been the strong, protective brother .At a time when Rachelle is going through her transformation to open up, Raheem has a few demons of his own he is trying to cope with. He begins to shut out those he is closest with, especially when he begins dating Leigh, a girl that seems to be a bad influence. No one seems to be happy about the two of them getting together.

Crossing Over by Jennifer Coissiere was an excellent debut novel. It is a story of love, faith and trying to find one’s happiness. When a reader is able to take away something from a book to apply in their own life, this is a sign of a true writer. I really got a lot from reading Crossing Over, and I was able to pull out certain things that made it feel as if the author was speaking directly to me. I also appreciated the author’s use of great quotes. I am genuinely looking forward to Ms. Coissiere’s future novels.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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