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NEW REVIEW: Paula T. Renfroe - The Cheating Curve

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One of my favorite analogies from “The Cheating Curve” was cited by Aminah Anderson in regards to Camille Cosby, Coretta Scott King, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Hillary Clinton as women who stayed with their cheating husbands. She said “when I see Camille, Coretta, Jackie O, Hillary even, I see beauty, grace, and poise, not stupidity.” I believe this was where Aminah drew her woman strength; to stay when her husband continually strayed. Aminah’s faithfulness to her successful hip-hop music producer husband, Aaron “Famous” Anderson, comes under a microscope of self reflection as she endures rumors of his affairs being fed to the media by a woman scorned. Then Aminah’s discovery that Lang, her best friend and Editor-In-Chief of “Urban Celebrity” magazine, is having an affair pushes her to not only self reflect but to re-evaluate her mantra and values in her own marriage.

Lang’s libido is as insatiable as a river is long, and one her husband cannot keep up with. So Lang begins a sexless affair with a younger man, and the affair quickly evolves from emotional to physical. Lang has no desires to stop, not even after her best friend finds out. This affair causes a wedge between them, and Aminah must choose where her loyalties lie and try to keep her family intact and maintain her self-respect in her celebrity-made marriage. In the end, their friendship and their marriages will be put to the test.

I absolutely enjoyed The Cheating Curve by Paula T. Renfroe and recommend it as a read for everyone. The book explores the adult aspect of cheating, and it allows the reader to see both sides of the spectrum with a spin. Do we have different standards for men than women? Does status, money, who you are or your age play a part in the dynamics of cheating? I dare you to read the book and find out what Aminah, Lang and their host of family and friends have to say.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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