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NEW REVIEW: Richard Jeanty - Ignorant Souls

Ignorant Souls(the prequel to Neglected Souls)Richard Jeanty -
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Ignorant Souls by Richard Jeanty is the story of a dysfunctional family. Buck Johnson came from a huge family, a total of 15 brothers and sisters. His father worked in the fields trying to provide for his family the best way he knew how. Unfortunately due to his upbringing, he would take his frustrations out on his family by beating them. His frustrations came from lack of money, too many mouths to feed, etc.

Buck Johnson literally came from nothing and strives to make a better life for his family. Buck marries a girl that seemed to be raised in a good Christian household. Little does he know that his wife has been keeping a horrible secret, and little does either one of them know that her parents have been keeping a secret themselves. Love does not seem to live at the Johnson residence. Buck has a hard time expressing how he feels and gives little to no affection to his children or his wife. Although the Johnson family attends church often, they do not take the time to communicate with each other or their children. Buck and his wife tend to feel that ignorance is bliss.

Ignorant Souls by Richard Jeanty was a fast read. I was able to read this book within a few hours. The story holds your attention from the first page. Ignorant Souls is a story of mental and physical abuse and a family that tries to break the chains of the past. Unfortunately, I felt the story was a little too cut and dry. Mr. Jeanty made a point of mentioning a few of the other siblings and I would have really enjoyed reading more about them as well. Rest assured...if you have not read Neglected Souls or Neglected No More, Ignorant Souls is a story within itself. It is the prequel to Neglected Souls.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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