Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Desiree Day - Spiritual Seduction

Spiritual SeductionDesiree Day -
Spiritual Seduction -
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Meet Riley: a sister, mother, teacher, and wife to Bradley Tyson. She has a good heart, and she's a great parent to her children and a forgiving wife, even when Bradley treats her like trash. On the evening of their fifth anniversary, Bradley is murdered by a pimp for non-payment of services. His evil deeds as a human have guaranteed him occupancy in hell. However, there’s something on earth that Bradley wants too badly to stay there.

Bradley’s spirit starts to visit Riley at night in her bedroom. His seduction reminds Riley of the old times before they were married. Night after night, the seduction continues, and Bradley takes Riley on trips to the other side...a place called Lavaster. She realizes that she is falling in love with Bradley all over again, that is, until he reminds her of his dark side.

During the repast, her boss of six years, Malik Davenport, comforts her. He’s tall, handsome, rich, and exactly what heaven ordered for Riley and her family. For Bradley and the army he’s building, things are about to heat up. Spiritual Seduction is mixed with romance, sensitivity, some comedy and sadness. On page 260, Tamia and Riley are discussing the gifts that Bradley has brought her over the years. Tamia attempts to show her sister Riley that she can do better. Riley tells Tamia that Bradley brought her a pair of diamond earrings. Her comeback is “They’re no bigger than a crack head’s brain” (that was too funny).

I’ve followed Ms. Day since her first book Crazy Love and have enjoyed every read. Comedy and romance seems to be her niche; however, this time she’s added the paranormal element to her characters and I must say that it works very well. Her writing was lyrical, and the characters (wow the characters) were marked by richness and full of flavor. The paranormal elements were original and it was a fresh look at demon slayers and demons as they travelled from our world to theirs. I was caught up in this story with the very first mention of demon dust and the paladins. Ms. Day introduced major plot lines and followed up on each one of them. Spiritual Seduction was a fantastic read by Desiree Day.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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