Monday, April 05, 2010

NEW REVIEW: T. S. Jones - Everything But The Ring

Everything but the RingT. S. Jones -
Everything But The Ring -
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BFF's Patrice, Sheila, and Cynthia not only share a common bond as best friends, they all share the same predicament: they are knocking 30 in the head, have no children, and Mr. Right has not come and swept them off their feet. It’s not because they aren’t ‘stunners’, intelligent, or hard workers with dreams, but rather, their dreams and their real lives aren’t traveling the same road.
Patrice has the voice of an angel, but she laid her dreams of stardom aside for a bigger prize. Assistant Minister Stephen Reynolds would be the ideal man for her. He’s fine, he loves the Lord, and her parents would approve…so yes, he’d be quite a catch. The only problem is that Patrice is NOT the only one that thinks he sets the sun and the moon. Cynthia is the sassiest of the three. She works as a teller at a credit union and has changed her outward appearance in hopes of snagging one of the members with a fat bank account. Attorney Chris Nichols fits the qualifications, and Cynthia has a plan for such a fine man as he. Sheila can’t seem to decipher what type of love she craves…simply to be loved or just to love someone that can provide her with financial luxuries. She broke Rashad Owens’ heart years ago for a much bigger catch...NBA superstar Thomas Rose. But now Sheila feels the beginning of a crack in her heart as well as her dreams.

Like a diamond, love has many facets, and the clarity with which you delve may prove to be more complicated once you get past the sparkle of the radiance. The friends discover that the game of love may not be the fairy tale that they dreamed of when they were a child playing with Barbie and Ken. Will Patrice be able to share her ‘man of GOD’ or will she choose her first love of music? Is Cynthia’s makeover foolproof, or will the ‘real’ Cynthia step out and be able keep this magnificent man in her lair? Is the life of the fab and famous truly suited for Sheila, or is it too expensive a price even for her?

Everything But The Ring was an enjoyable read by T.S. Jones. Great characters dealing with realistic life issues that engage the reader with each new scene. Character development was good, and the plot was relatable as well as appealing throughout the read. This is my first T.S. Jones novel and I have to say that I was satisfied in every aspect. Super job!
Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews
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