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Best Reviewed Books of 2010

Best Reviewed Books of 2010

Below is a listing of books reviewed on the website that we noted as being the best of the best!

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5 out of 5 'Top Shelf Rating' = 'Classic'

(This is a comprehensive list of those no particular order.)


Risque - Smooth Operator

Wanda Campbell - Right Package, Wrong Baggage 
Amaleka McCall - Price of Fame

Monique D. Mensah - Inside Rain

Shelley Halima - Blinding Mirror

Chilufiya Safaa - Stay The Night

Theo Semper - Church Affairs

Pat Tucker - Daddy By Default

Shana Burton - Flaws And All

Judge Glenda Hatchett - Dare To Take Charge

Suzan Johnson-Cook - Becoming a Woman of Destiny

Venesha - Mirror, Mirror

K'wan - Welfare Wifeys

Michelle Stimpson - Last Temptation

Denise Coleman - Drama With A Capital D

Various Authors - Can't Help the Way That I Feel (anthology)

Aliya S. King - Platinum

Victor McGlothin - The Secrets of Newberry

Michelle Janine Robinson - Color Me Grey

James W. Lewis - Sellout

Pat G'Orge-Walker - Don't Blame The Devil

Pamela & Joel Tuck - Color Struck

Patricia Haley - Destined

Lutishia Lovely - Heaven Forbid

Tiffany L. Warren, Sherri L. Lewis, Rhonda McKnight - A Woman's Revenge (anthology)

Victoria Christopher Murray - Sins of the Mother

Elissa Gabrielle - A Whisper to a Scream

Anthony Fields - The Ultimate Sacrifice

Delilah Dawson - Wanting It

Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond - Powder Necklace

R. L. Byrd - Looking For Sweet Love

Carol M. Mackey - Sistergirl Devotions

Maureen Smith - Recipe for Temptation

Beverly Taylor - Desires of the Heart

Pat Simmons - Still Guilty

Earl Sewell - Cougars

Allison Hobbs - Stealing Candy

Bernice L. McFadden - Glorious

Various Authors - The Shattered Glass Effect (anthology)

Jacquelin Thomas - Samson

Bettye Griffin - Trouble Down The Road

Caleb Alexander - Belly of the Beast

Shakeera Frazer - Fast Lane

J. D. Mason - Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It

Korika L. Johnson - Joy Comes In The Mourning

Sherri Lewis - Selling My Soul

Nikki Turner - Relapse

Paula T. Renfroe - The Cheating Curve

Desiree Day - Spiritual Seduction

Lisa Y. Watson - Watch Your Back

Francis Ray - If You Were My Man

Kimberla Lawson Roby - Be Careful What You Pray For

Lutishia Lovely - Reverend Feelgood

Keleigh Crigler Hadley - Preacher's Kids: Secrets And Salvation

Tiffany L. Warren - In the Midst of it All

Erick S. Gray, De'nesha Diamond, Nichelle Walker - Heartbreaker (anthology)

Vanessa Davis Griggs - Goodness And Mercy


(There are our honorable mentions since they are very close to a top shelf rating!)

Allison Hobbs - Lipstick Hustla
Dijorn Moss - The Retreat 

Farrah Rochon - Huddle With Me Tonight

Nisa Santiago - Return of the Cartier Cartel

Winkk - Tour Secrets 2

Zane - The Hot Box

Ni'cola - The Appetizer

Rhonda McKnight - An Inconvenient Friend

Nicolette - The Paper Chase

Queenetta Ross-Davis - The Illusion of Everything Sacred

Kendra Dunn - The Preacher's Daughter

Jennifer Coissiere - Crossing Over

Michele Cameron - Unclear and Present Danger

La Jill Hunt - Say It Ain't So

Leave your thoughts on your favorite reads from 2010!!
Congrats to all the phenomenal authors that excelled to the highest level this year!


Jennifer C. said...

Thank you very much. I feel very honored. Congrats to all the other authors.

ladywritercamden said...

Thank you so much Urban Reviews. What an honor. Denise C.

Cheryl said...

A lot of my favorite authors are listed!

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Congrats to all the authors listed....
(((mumbling)))) (one of these days I'm gon grow up and be just like these folks)))) (smiles and waves)))) ((and here I was happy with my 4 stars...

Lisa Y. Watson said...

WOW!! My thanks Urban Reviews for nominating Watch Your Back for this prestigious honor!! I'm thrilled and very, very appreciative!!!

Congrats to all the authors listed, especially fellow Author and great friend, Pat Simmons for Still Guilty making the list!!

Warm Regards,

Lisa Y. Watson

PAT said...

I'm so humbled. Thank you Urban Review for your support. Be blessed.

Unknown said...

I feel so honored to be included and so very proud of ALL of the authors...You guys rock!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the honor! And Radiah thank you and everyone at Urban Reviews for all the support you give us.

Congrats to the other authors as well!

Contributing Authors said...

Thank for recognizing Can't Help the Way That I Feel. The amazing authors that contributed really are the ones to be recognized. They did an awesome job. Thanks Urban Reviews. Lori Bryant-Woolridge

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Urban Reviews! It is such an honor! And congratulations to all of the wonderful authors who earned such great reviews!

Francis Ray said...

Thank you Urban Reviews! I'm humbled and honored. Congratulations to all the great authors. My TBR pile just got a lot bigger!!

Francis Ray

Unknown said...

Thank you! What an honor. I really appreciate it and am feeling quite humbled to be among these awesome authors. Thanks again!

Delilah Dawson.

Farrah Rochon said...

I'm floored to be included in such company! Thanks so much!

Farrah Rochon

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