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NEW REVIEW: Black Coffee - Time To Learn

Time To Learn: Time Will RevealBlack Coffee
Time To Learn: Time Will Reveal Part 1
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4 out of 5 books

Ebony ‘Baby Girl’ Brown is everyone’s favorite and deemed to be ‘the special girl’ of the crew.  Anthony ‘Ajay’ Jackson is everyone’s rock and has a dark side to his spirit that is visible and respected despite his age.  A Time To Learn introduces such an ideal tight knit crew that reside in Cleveland, Ohio and has history from the grandparents to the grandchildren.  Young Ebony finally acknowledges her feelings for Ajay but upon them delving into securing their relationship, their bubble is burst.  Ebony has to leave for Houston, TX to stay with her ailing grandmother.  The parents are relieved because the separation comes at a crucial and intense time that brings about the testing of everyone’s patience and acceptance. 

A Time To Learn has a shaky beginning with it, starting with more of a narrative voice that didn’t grab my attention at first.  Upon my pressing forward with the storyline, I found myself enthralled as the plots opened up and full character development evolved.  It has a true hood story vibrance without a lot of the graphic violence, just the underlying admission that certain things do exist, do transpire, and that one and all are down for whatever and whenever.  A Time To Learn addresses various lessons pertaining to sexual activity, promiscuity, drugs, teenage defiance, love, insecurity, strength, weaknesses, loyalty, generational curses, sowing and reaping, and so very many more emotions teens face on a daily basis.  I really admired the fact that the majority of the children were raised in two parent homes with strong parental guidance and involvement, strong men, strong women, and with excellent depictions!  I also note that there is a necessity for this type of hood story, but I always find it distracting with the number of characters.  There were quite a few grammatical errors, and the structure of the print needs to corrected. But despite all of that, Time To Lean proved to be a exceptional read!  I am mos def a Black Coffee fan…no creamer, no sweetener, or milk…just straight BLACK COFFEE!!!   

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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