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NEW REVIEW: Michael L Goines - Sailor

SailorMichael L Goines
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The year is 1971.19 year-old Bro G has just found out that his main girl is pregnant. Bro G then decides to join the Navy with the intentions of being able to provide a life for him and his family.

When Bro G enters into the Navy, it is an opportunity of a lifetime for the young sailor. At each port, he quickly makes friends and beds different women. To make extra money on the side, he enters into the drug trade. Bro G is making some great money, but as time goes by, he realizes that he will eventually have to pull out before he winds up in jail or worse...dead.  Bro G will also have to make the decision if he is going to persue a relationship with his main girl in New Jersey or the one who has been in and out of his life where he is stationed.

Sailor by Michael Goines read more like a memoir of a sailor. After each main entry, there is a sentence or two printed in bold as a "lesson to be learned" of sorts from that entry. An example would be the entry where he described having just met a female who in turn invites him back to her place. She has a roomate, who just so happens to be her lover. They, in turn, ask him if he wants to have a threesome. The moral or the point he puts in bold print was: "Would a hungry man eat a burger?"  The author's description of this encounter: " Let's do it!" and they got it on.

Everything in Sailor was so cut and dry. I thought it was totally unbelievable that the character known as Bro G could walk into a bar and a woman would just gravitate to him and offer to bed him before she even introduced herself.  The time frame of the story is very unclear, and the story lacked much detail. The story itself is in need of a serious developmental editor, and the editing needs to be more on point. I could not in good conscious recommend this book to anyone.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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