Monday, March 14, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Lisa Campbell - Blindfolds

BlindfoldsLisa Campbell
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3 out of 5 books

Ashley Stevens and Natalie Johnson become quick friends the first semester of college. With most college experiences, it’s a time when we begin to experience life and all of its wonders.
As Blindfolds opens, we find out that Ashley is bi-racial and raised white. While Ashley’s mom and dad were dating, Ashley’s mom got pregnant with her. Her father Anthony was married and wouldn’t leave his grieving wife, who had just miscarried, so Ashley’s mother moved on. By the time Ashley was four, her mother married Eric, and he adopted Ashley. Moving forward, Ashley and her mother’s relationship left much to be desired.
While visiting her mother’s house one day, Ashley came across a shoebox filled with letters. The letters were addressed to her and her mom, so she read them. They were from a woman named Yvette Williams, a name she was not familiar with. By the time she finished reading the letters, not only did she know who Yvette was, but she also found out that her father didn’t give up his parental rights as her dad. He was not allowed to see Ashley. Her already rocky relationship with her mother took a nose dive after finding out her own mother kept Ashley's dad away. Armed with this additional information, Ashley’s questions begin.
Life continues to throw Ashley blow after blow. And like her mom, rather than face her truths, she wears blindfolds. Campbell did a wonderful job writing this story about what can happen while away at college and the discovery of life. I believe that young adults would absolutely benefit from reading this book because discovery alone is scary, but knowing Ashley's story might make it a little easier. I must say I wish the publisher would’ve used a larger size font; these old eyes are not what they use to be. Trying to read what look like a size 8 font was truly a strain. But the fluidness of the story kept this reader turning pages.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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