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NEW REVIEW: June - This Game Has No Loyalty II

This Game Has No Loyalty II - Hustle for LifeJune
This Game Has No Loyalty II
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3.5 out of 5 books

Part II of the The Game Has No Loyalty begins where we left off in the first book. Junior learns some hard lessons in his journey of trying to conquer the rule of his castle.

Junior has had some hard losses lately, and he is just trying to stay afloat. Friends that he thought were his friends have shown their true colors, and he is just trying to keep his situation tight. His life has been in an downward spiral ever since he had lost his lieutenants in an untimely demise, and now he is sitting in a precinct facing a possible murder charge.  Junior has to get his mind right, his relationship with Shondra is on a hiatus, and his new affair with his mistress Muffin is treading into the danger zone. Will Junior be able to get it together and mend the mess he has made, or is the Game just not for him?

In a chance encounter, Muffin runs into her ex-boyfriend Junior, and they then begin a hot and heavy romance. Muffin understood getting into this relationship that Junior had a main girl and she was the mistress. Muffin was okay with that at first, but as she began to spend so much time with Junior, in her eyes she was his main girl. Muffin violated and confronted Shondra in many ways, and eventually becomes dangerous as she has no regards for how the game is played. Will Muffin come to grips about her position in the relationship with Junior, or will her love for Junior cause her to get in a situation she can’t get out of?

The Game Has No Loyalty II is a continuation into the life of Junior. In Part I, Junior learned some hard lessons and is coming to grips with the consequences. His building empire is almost down to nothing, and haters are always lurking to take over what he has accomplished.  This book was suspenseful, and I think June was again on point.  Overall, The Game Has No Loyalty II was a good read.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews 

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