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NEW REVIEW: Brian W. Smith - Deadbeat

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What would you do if the father you thought was dead was looking you right in the face? Would you forgive him and let him back in your life, or will you act like he is still dead and continue on with your life?

QJ is a 15-year-old growing up in New Orleans facing the trials and tribulations of any teenager: peer pressure, drugs, and sex. One day, his life is changed forever when a close encounter with a homeless man turns out to be his long lost father Quincy Washington who he was told was dead. QJ cannot believe his father is alive and has all kinds of mixed emotions, anger and confusion. This is all directed toward anyone that is in his path including his mother, his mother’s lover Terry, and most especially his father. Will QJ allow his dad in his life and attempt to build a relationship with the dad he never had, or is it too late and the damage done is already beyond repair?

Quincy Washington would never think he would be in the situation he is in now: homeless, alcoholic, and a drug addict living in a cardboard box that he called home. Quincy walked away from his wife and son years ago, but by chance runs into his son, who just so happens to save his life. Quincy has a new found outlook on life and is ready to do anything to re-establish a relationship with his son. But no journey is easy, and Quincy encounters many curveballs thrown his way. Will Quincy stay clean and be able to accomplish his goal to be more than a “deadbeat?” Or will the addiction be to great and the streets he has called home for years welcome him back with open arms?

Deadbeat by Brian W. Smith is a novel that touched me in many ways. Smith's story was so compelling that I couldn’t put down. A young man, who thought his father was dead, and now must try to forge a relationship with someone who is essentially a stranger is a tough pill to swallow and accept. Deadbeat showed how drug addiction can tear a family apart. When it's all said and done, everyone makes mistakes. But when you are offered a second chance in life and you wrong your wrongs and right your rights, that's when it really matters.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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