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NEW REVIEW: Black Coffee - Time To Grow

Time To Grow: Time Will Reveal (Volume 2)Black Coffee
Time To Grow: Time Will Reveal Part 2
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5 out of 5 books

Time To Grow brings an emotional aftermath following Stoney’s home-going, and vows of revenge reign supreme amongst the members.  Ebony’s newfound Houston friends come home to support her, but all among them aren’t genuine, which leads to more drama upon her return to Houston.  Ebony and Ajay’s relationship is challenged with his constant infidelity, his dominant attitude, as well as the killer mentality that he harbors. This all frightens Ebony, causing the thought of an unpredictable future with the love of her life.  Ebony excels at school in Houston, both in academics as well as in athletics, under the watchful eyes of her Big Mama and Poppa.  Ajay’s constant cheating antics spark trouble for Ebony in Houston as she’s confronted with lies and violent assaults that is disturbing to everyone and bring out the darker alter ego of Ajay.

Black Coffee’s voice was mos def  lyrically mesmerizing in Time To Grow as I felt her catch her rhythm as she penned  the heck out of this magnificent read!  This second installation was so intense, as certain scenarios unfolded, I felt like I could hear music in the background as if watching a television show.  Character development was entrancing, and the scenes were very relatable and spellbinding. This story was the nail in the coffin, dynamically executed in all aspects with each and every page and scene!  There are so many heart-stopping scenes, and the camaraderie between the characters is so realistic, you just feel as if you’re right there with each of them.  In reflection, I felt as if I read a much better depiction of Menace to Society without the barrage of violence.  A Time To Grow centered more on the feelings of their characters as they each grow into the shoes that are pre-destined and specially designed for each of them.  I can’t express how emotional this story is for ME!  Ajay and Ebony have become an iconic classic couple that will mos def go on the top shelf of my library!  Addictive, hypnotic, captivating, magnificent, enthralling, and intriguing are all the descriptions I can use to shout out kudos for this brilliant novel!  I admit there are still grammatical errors and structure is still in need of work.  But once you feel the charismatic atmosphere within the 343 pages, thats’s all just a distant memory!  Time to Grow is mos def A MUST READ!  

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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