Monday, March 14, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Carolyn Moncel - Encounters In Paris

Encounters in Paris: A Collection of Short StoriesCarolyn Moncel
Encounters In Paris: A Collection of Short Stories
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3 out of 5 books

This book is a collection of four stories that are all set in Paris. The first story titled Pandora's Box Revisited introduces Ellery Roulet, the main character of all five short stories. She's a wife, a mother of twin daughters, and has just been fired from the company that she started. She becomes so distraught over these recent events that she turns to her husband of 10 years who she knows is cheating on her. The second story is titled A Haunting in Courbevovie. This story takes Ellery to the oldest Catholic church in Courbevouie. Ellery is there because she has recently found out that her mother has died and she is feeling guilty about not being there for her like she said she would be. The third story in the book is titled A Brief Indiscretion. In this story, Ellery goes to meet the man she should have married. They have both since married other people and have children. Ellery tells him about how her husband has cheated on her several times and the reason she has chosen to stay. During their reunion, they end up sharing one last intimate night together. Next up is Until It's Gone. In this story, Ellery goes back to Chicago and is not sure if she will return. This chapter tells the story of how her and her husband meet. Now she is contemplating whether or not she can continue on with their farce of a marriage. The final story is some Birds of a Feather. In the story, the author uses two birds who visit her window sill to symbolize her now deceased parents.

Encounters in Paris is an interesting book by Carolyn Moncel. It is very random. The title suggest that they are independent stories, but they could be thought of as chapters. Without knowing for certain which one, it made it very difficult to really understand which angle to view the book from. It is easier to think of them as random, independent stories about Ellery's life. On a positive note, the book gives interesting insight on Paris.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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