Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Contest for Wifey 4 Life

Wifey 4 Life
Contest for Wifey 4 Life by Kiki Swinson - Details Inside....

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UR said...

Here are the winners of the contest...along with their answers!

Lashonda S. of Jacksonville, FL
I let it be known upfront. I don't play 2nd to anyone!

Danita D. of Adamsville, AL
The true position is the right title wifey

Tonya F. of Bedford Hts, OH
Can't have it no other way

Dona F. of Trenton, NJ
Always a Wifey, never a mistress, I refuse to play second fiddle to anyone. Men come a dime a dozen. Why share one willingly when you can have your own. You wouldn't want no one to be a mistress to your husband.

Shanequa P. of Brooklyn, NY
I'm always the wifey and never the mistress. I love myself too much to be the mistress.