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NEW REVIEW: Lutishia Lovely - Reverend Feelgood

Reverend Feelgood
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Nathaniel Thicke was only about doing God's work. He was the senior pastor at the Gospel of Truth Church and had written a best-selling novel. Nate, as his family and close friends called him, was handsome, caring, and attended to the needs of his congregation...especially the women. He followed the tradition of his father, grandfather, and great grandfather that when your female church members had a problem, they needed to be "covered." According to tradition, the Thicke men were to only cover the Noble women. Since their last name was Noble, they were to always be close to them. But Nate took to a whole different level. He has his pick of women and they didn't mind if he was covering anyone else, just as long as they landed in his bed from time to time. That was until Nate realized that it was time for him to take a wife. He knew exactly who that wife would be because he heard from God, and was told her name.

When Nate finally told his congregation that he was getting married, let's just say the women folk weren't at all happy with his decision. They were willing to do whatever was necessary to make sure that Nate did not stop giving them the attention they so desperately wanted from him. Backstabbing fighting between friends, mothers, and daughters causes everything to start unfolding fast, and things that Nate tried not to let surface appear for all to see. Will Nate be able to give up "covering" his female members?  Will he lose the love of his life, or will God show mercy and all be forgiven?

Lutishia Lovely has another great novel on her hands with Reverend Feelgood. When I picked up this book, I literally could not put it down and managed to complete it in one day. This story grabs you from page one, and  Ms. Lovely hits on some real topics in this book that actually may occur in some churches. She shows how some of the female characters in the book have low self-esteem, and being close to your Pastor is almost like being a little more closer to God. It is also interesting to see the things that Nate went through with his members (especially his sexual escapades), and how he would try to turn it around and say that he's looking after his members like a good pastor should. If you have not read any of Lutishia's books prior to this one, trust me...you won't get lost. If you have read them, then you'll read about some familiar characters like Vivian Montgomery, Carla Chapman, and others. Ms. Lovely has done great with Reverend Feelgood, and I can't wait for more to come.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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