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NEW REVIEW: Carol Taylor - The Ex Chronicles

The Ex Chronicles: A NovelCarol Taylor -
The Ex Chronicles -
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Precious, Bella, Zenobia, and Hope are four friends who excel in their professional lives, but their personal lives are rocky due to their search for Mr. Right. Precious is a struggling freelance writer who hopes to finally finish that novel that she started years ago. Precious is also dealing with still wanting her cheating ex-fiancé Darius. Bella, who is the product of very rich and dysfunction parents, can't seem to shake her alcohol addiction and her leech of a boyfriend Julius. Zenobia had a successful modeling career but gave it all up for her non-supportive boyfriend Malcolm. But did she make the right choice? Hope is a creative director of a fashion magazine that's also dealing with caring for her dementia-ridden mother, and her own depression. Things get complicated when she develops a strong attraction to her driver from the projects name Derrick.

The Ex Chronicles is a good story about four women living very complicated lives. Carol Taylor did a good job of bringing these characters to life. All of these women have problems with men, but it goes much deeper than that. Self-worth, depression, alcoholism are just some of the issues that were addressed in this story. All of the characters were great, but the best character was Hope. Hope's story is strong enough to carry a whole book on her own. The only minor flaw with this novel was that the ending for some of the characters in this story was way too clean. Strong characters and an interesting storyline makes The Ex Chronicles a wonderful debut novel for Carol Taylor.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert for Urban Reviews

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