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NEW REVIEW: Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant - Uptown

Uptown: A NovelVirginia DeBerry and Donna Grant -
Uptown -
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Avery Lyons has been traveling all over the world for the past twenty years due to her career with the State Department. She's used to dealing with complex daily decisions, but she's not prepared for the drama at home. Avery comes back home to Harlem due to a serious car accident that involves her mother and uncle. She's concerned about her mother, but home is the last place she wants to be. Avery's cousin Dwight is willing to do whatever it takes to bring a luxury high-rise development called Dixon Plaza to life. After years of false starts, Dwight finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel. The only problem is that his cousin Avery has inherited a part of the property. Avery is ready to sell the property to Dwight until a reporter reveals some unsavory dealings about Dixon Plaza. Will Avery and Dwight be able to come together to get this project to move forward?

Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant bring us an excellent novel of family secrets and the high stakes New York real-estate market with Uptown. This story gives the reader an insider's view of how gentrification can have an emotional impact on all of the parties involved. But this book is about so much more than the Dixon Plaza development. It's about coming to terms with long ago family secrets. You really feel the emotional turmoil that Avery had to deal with when she returned home. DeBerry and Grant really did a good job of showing how Avery and Dwight's past affected their present relationship. There are a plethora of life lessons in this book. One of the biggest lessons is that you should never turn your back on those that need you the most, no matter what the situation is. Uptown is an emotionally charged novel with a good mix of unforgettable characters.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert for Urban Reviews

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