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NEW REVIEW: Endy - In My Hood 3

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In My Hood 3 by Endy is the third installment in this series. Ishmael and Desiree's fifteen-year old son, Nyeem, is sick of being in his father’s shadow so to speak. He is tired of everyone referring to him as "Little Ish." He has his grandfather trying to pull him into the game, but Nyeem is determined to make it out of the hood. All Nyeem wants to do is just play ball.

At the age of twelve, Valencia, a.k.a. Black Widow, suffered the loss of her sister and brother by the hand of one man. At the tender age of twelve, she tells her father that she will find the person responsible for the death of her siblings...with or without him. Enter the Black Widow. She will stop at nothing to kill the person that killed her siblings, even if it means killing those closest to her enemy. She will not stop until the deed is carried out. An all out war ensues, and the hood will never be the same. Will Nyeem make it out the hood in time, or will he be a casualty of war?

In My Hood 3 by Endy was not a bad read, but I did not feel it was a great read either. Honestly I was lost for a minute since it had been awhile since I have read part 2. The characters and storyline slowly but surely came back to me. There was so much death and destruction happening in the hood by the hands of Black Widow that it was hard for me to fathom why Valencia’s father did not seek vengeance himself since he knew all along who killed his son and daughter. Why would he wait until Valencia was grown to carry out the revenge? Personally I did not feel as if a 3rd installment was necessary. I really enjoyed the first two books as well as her book A Deal With Death. Endy is a masterful storyteller, and I eagerly await her next novel.

Reviewed by Leona Romich for Urban Reviews

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