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NEW REVIEW: Sammie Ward - Lace & Honor

Lace & Honor (Love Storm Romance) (Paperback)
Sammie Ward -
Lace & Honor -
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Sergeant Kayla Perry does not have time for a relationship. Her ultimate goal is to go to nursing school. That is the main reason she joined the army. She does have a thing for her staff sergeant, but she knows that she can't do anything about it because of army rules. Nevertheless, she is content on getting into the green-to-gold program so she can attend nursing school. That is until she meets Sergeant Paul Lake. He isn't looking for a relationship either since he is waiting to hear if he has been accepted into the Special Forces Unit. But sometimes the heart doesn't listen to what the mind is trying to convince it of.

Specialist Marissa Poe is a mess. She thought she was getting out of the army to start college at Penn State. She also thought she was in love with a fellow solider, and he would join her when he got out and they would live happily ever after. Unfortunately, neither of those things happened. Marissa was devastated when she was told that her getting out of the army was put on hold. Her and Randall had been on and off their whole relationship, so them being off when she told him she was staying was not as much as a surprise, but the guy she fell for after him certainly was.

Liz Shupe was married to an enlisted soldier and was best friends with Kayla. Marissa was too, but she did not get along with Liz did not get along for some reason. Just when everything was going good in her life, like her finding out she was pregnant again after her miscarriage, she finds out that her husband is being deployed to Iraq. She is trying to be strong so Timothy won't worry about her, but she is scared to death.

Lace and Honor is a good read by Sammie Ward. There were actually three different stories going on simultaneously. Ward does a great job of connecting them and keeping the story flowing. The plot was one that many people can relate to, and Ward did an excellent job of portraying the emotions that go along with a loved one being deployed. The character development for the primary and secondary characters were also well done and made the characters relatable. Good read!

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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