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NEW REVIEW: Tiona Brown - Ain't No Sunshine

Ain't No SunshineTiona Brown -
Ain't No Sunshine -
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Sometimes life doesn’t play us a fair hand. Obstacles, challenges and hardships will follow you on this journey we call life. But it’s all about the choices, knowing right from wrong and taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Sunshine was the third of ten children. Growing up in poverty was hard for the entire family. Getting good grades was Sunshine's only light at the end of the tunnel. When Sunshine is assaulted, her life is forever changed. Her father takes matters into his own hands, leaving him to a prison sentence. Drugs, homelessness, despair, and drama, seem to follow Sunshine everywhere she goes. Sunshine is blessed with a gift that could be her ticket out! Will Sunshine be able to stay on track and accomplish all the goals, or will temptation be her downfall?

Sandra was the oldest of ten children. Sandra had a tough demeanor and was well known for fighting and getting into mischief. Sandra didn’t get along with her mother, and got tired of looking after her younger siblings. With her only way out, Sandra started dealing with an up-and-coming drug dealer and becomes pregnant. Sandra's relationship with the family becomes even more strained. She has always been there for her little sister Sunshine, no matter what the situation. But is there a limit to sisterly love? Are there boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to family? Will Sandra reach a breaking point that could end up in deadly consequences?

Ain’t No Sunshine by Tiona Brown takes you through several situations, with a girl who had a lot of hardships. The odds were stacked up against Sunshine. The book showed that even though a “silver” spoon wasn’t handed to you, your success is not depicted from where you come from, but based on the choices you make in life. Ain’t No Sunshine dealt with various topics: drugs, sex, STDs, pregnancy, abortion, abuse, lies, and deceit. You have to be careful about family and the people you love because they could be the ones that will stab you in the back. Temptation for anyone can be a dangerous situation, and lust can win over love.

Review by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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