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NEW REVIEW: Kimberla Lawson Roby - Be Careful What You Pray For

Be Careful What You Pray For
Kimberla Lawson Roby -
Be Careful What You Pray For -
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Well, what has Alicia Black gotten herself into now? It has been less than a year after her marriage to Phillip had ended, and she's praying that she would find a man that would love her and give her everything she needs, including the materialistic things she always craved. She thinks she's met the man of her dreams. When her father Reverend Curtis Black takes a preaching invitation at a church in Chicago, Alicia decides to tag along and meet the senior pastor. Within minutes, she knows she has met her new husband. JT Valentine is the senior pastor and founder of New Life Christian Center. He's everything Alicia is looking for in a husband. He's handsome, wealthy, and his church is on its way to becoming a megachurch. But when JT meets Alicia, his mind starts to work on overload on how quickly she can become his wife.

JT Valentine is on the fast track of having his own megachurch. In five years, his congregation has grown to 5,000 members. For years, he's been a big fan of Curtis Black, in more ways than one. He was elated when Rev. Black accepted his speaking invitation. He couldn't have been more excited, until he meets his oldest daughter, Alicia. There's an instant connection, and before you know it, Rev. Black is walking his daughter down the aisle. But there's a problem...Curtis does not trust him and begs his daughter to reconsider her marriage to JT. Alicia was determined to be the next Mrs. JT Valentine, but then talk about the first Mrs. Valentine starts to come up more and more. Is Alicia in over her hand with her new life?

Be Careful What You Pray For by Kimberla Lawson Roby is another fabulous book within the series of Reverend Curtis Black and his daughter Alicia Black. Ms. Roby always amazes me as to how she can put a twist on a book that you think you know the ending before you actually read it. Once I started to read it, it was hard to put it down since each chapter was better than the last. Ms. Roby expertly shows the details of how Alicia's past comes back to haunt her and how it ties into what's going on with her new husband JT. I loved how she brings back some of the characters from the previous series, including Alicia's ex-husband Phillip and her ex-lover Levi. Be Careful What You Pray For holds your attention from the moment you start reading until the very last page.

Reviewed by Jackie For Urban Reviews

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