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NEW REVIEW: Brian W. Smith - Beater

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Domestic violence is as much a part of Todd and Kim’s lives as breathing air is. But let’s go back to the beginning...the night Todd and Kim became orphans. It’s that night that will shape their relationship for years to come. That night started with the Color Purple and ended in two murders. As Kennedy held the knife to Todd with all intentions of killing him, Linda charges into the room. She runs towards Kennedy and Todd and his rage is diverted. Kennedy turns the knife from Todd and drives it into Linda’s stomach. That night, two children lost their parents.

Todd and Kim witnessed a death so horrific and shocking that it drew a wedge in their relationship. After losing their parents, they are placed with an aunt. The brother and sister begin therapy to sort through the emotions surrounding the death of their parents. However, during therapy, Todd’s truth comes out, but Kim is not ready to hear it. At the age of 18, Kim leaves and doesn’t see her brother again for 10 years. At age 16, Todd continues to live with his aunt until he leaves for the military.

Both Todd and Kim move on with their lives. Kim lands a job as an Administrative Assistant to Rachel Biko at Boxxmore International. Todd is working nights at a club while trying to complete his novel. He meets Rachel, the same COO of Boxxmore International where his sister works. He begins dating Rachel and then they are engaged. This is where the book falls short. Up to this point, the storyline moves at an even pace. But it seems the pace is pushed forward.

The relationship between Todd and Rachel is hasty and Kim’s suspicions about Rachel happened much too quick for this reader. But please don’t let that be a decision not to read this book. The theme, characters and storyline are great reasons to read Beater. It addresses a sensitive topic and completed in BWS style that only he could’ve succeeded at. On the flip side of Todd and Kim’s relationship pace, the abuse was paced just right, and we are given enough history to understand why Todd initially didn’t fight back.  Brian W. Smith does a fantastic job of introducing readers to humanistic issues with a twist.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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