Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Mary "Honey B" Morrison - Married On Mondays

Married on Mondays
Mary "Honey B" Morrison -
Marriod On Mondays -
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Foxy, Victoria, and Deja are sisters that run a successful bakery by day. Unbeknownst to their husbands, they fulfill the wild sexual fantasies of their clients at night at Crème Fantasyland. Although both businesses are successful, things are not that easy on the home front. Foxy can’t get any attention from her husband, and she can’t stop the affair that she’s having with her ex fiancé. Victoria is happily married to her wife Naomi, but she runs into some problems when the chief of police makes an indecent proposal that may shut down the business. Deja tries to keep everyone on course, but her controlling ways may be her own downfall.

Mary “Honey B” Morrison brought us an interesting tale with Married On Mondays. Foxy, Victoria, and Deja are all in the same business but are very different in regards to their personal lives. The only person that was the most normal out of the three was Deja. Honey B was creative with the bakery by day and the sexual fantasy wishes by night angle. This story had a good premise, but it felt like something was missing when reading it. The only person that was dealing with the “Married On Mondays” dilemma was Foxy. Since one of the main focuses of the story is Crème Fantasyland, the readers should have been treated to more of the sisters servicing their clients in detail instead of just one or two episodes. This story lacked the over-the-top erotica and juiciness that are found in Mary “Honey B” Morrison’s previous works. Everything is also wrapped up way too clean at the end of this novel. Married On Mondays is still a decent novel.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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