Monday, June 28, 2010

NEW REVIEW: J.M. Benjamin - Heaven And Earth

Heaven & EarthJ.M. Benjamin -
Heaven And Earth -
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Heavenly Jacobs was born to a hustler and was his arm candy. Tragedy robbed Heaven at a young age of the luxurious lifestyle that she was destined for. Eartha Davis was born to a mother that lived the life of a hustler, loved ladies and never felt she should shield her child from such delicate matters. These two meet in Edna Mahan Correctional Facility and form a bond that is shatterproof.

Upon their release, they recruit a crew of ladies that will assist them in asserting their street credibility in the drug game while claiming their own niche in the hood. Whether it’s word play, hand to hand combat, or Smith and Wesson wild, wild west style, these ladies are down for theirs by any means necessary. Facing challenges for territory, intelligence, and being gangsta against their male adversaries are occurrences that these ladies face without blinking an eye.

J.M. Benjamin penned an intense and intriguing novel centered on females dominating in a man’s world and in a man’s game with masculinity as well as feminity. Power struggles, violence, jealousy, murder, sexuality, death and revenge ring loud and clear in this read. Will a missing link disassemble this vicious team of females? Is their a snake in their mist? Is it true that this is really a man’s world and women have one place that they prevail? Will they have to face a life behind bars as they hear the chant of the closing cell door? These and other plots await you within the pages of this novel. The storyline tended to lean toward a common plot with females in urban lit which proved to be a bit redundant. Heaven and Earth proved to be a decent read, but the editing problems did prove to be distracting as well.

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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