Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Skyy Banks - Soul On Fire

Soul on FireSkyy Banks -
Soul On Fire -
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29-year-old Dana Taylor is a beautiful, educated and successful black woman that has a great career among Atlanta’s corporate world. Unfortunately, the one thing she seems to be missing is a good man to share her life with. Every relationship she has with a man is unhealthy, and all of them are sexual in nature. When her latest lover’s wife seeks out Dana for a confrontation, Dana tries to enlist her best friend for back up, but it seems to be a wake up call for her self destructive ways.

Around 3am every morning, Dana is woken out of her sleep from a horrible nightmare. All the dreams appear to stem around the same thing, and they seem all too real. The nightmares center around her childhood when she was a young girl. With lack of sleep and the dreams disturbing her so, she seeks out professional help to unlock the key to these dreams. When she is put under hypnosis, she is shocked to discover what these dreams unveil. In order to find peace and happiness, she will have to confront the people that hurt her in hopes of finding redemption.

Soul On Fire by Skyy Banks is a story of betrayal, sex, lies and loving one’s self. Soul On Fire reads like a true-to-life novel of one woman’s journey to unlocking the demons of her past in order to find a healthy medium in her relationships. The one thing that was frustrating was that the story lacked chapters. It was like one long continuation, making for a slightly difficult read. All in all though, Soul On Fire was a pretty good novel and with a few tweeks here and there, this would easily rate higher.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews
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Your review certainly intrigues me to buy this book - Thanks