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NEW REVIEW: Shakeera Frazer - Fast Lane

Fast Lane (Volume 2)Shakeera Frazer -
Fast Lane -
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Friendship is an important part of life. There are times when you need someone to depend on when things go bad, and someone to offer advice on how to handle situations.  Friends can offer you the chance to share laughter, joy and sadness. But when your friend does the ultimate thing and betrays you, how would you handle the situation? Secrets, lies, and deceit can either bring a friendship together or tear it apart.

Trish Grand's world has done a total 180. Trish knew how to get what she wanted and spared no expense. Trish was living the high life, but this was a drastic change from where she came from. Trish grew up in the projects, surrounded by drugs, crime, and neglect. Trish has put that life behind her, or so she thought. Someone is trying to destroy everything she tried so hard to accomplish. When the past creeps up on Trish and forces her to face reality, will Trish be able to keep living the fa├žade she work so hard to make?

Crystal is an up-and-coming lawyer who plans on moving up at the law firm. Crystal appears to have it together and is always willing to offer up advice when needed...but looks can be deceiving. Crystal is in a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend, and when she becomes pregnant, her life turns into a tornado. Secrets from her past keep emerging and threaten to wreck havoc on everything she worked hard to build. Will Crystal give the upper hand to the person who wants to destroy her, or will she stand up and claim her own destiny?

Nina was the girl you wouldn’t look twice at. Nina had a good job as a teacher and was able to support herself fine. Nina is tired of being just the "around the way chick." Nina wants and feels she should be entitled to the finer things in life and is ready to take what is her by any means. Nina enters a downward spiral that could cost her the teaching job she loved, her family and her friends. Will Nina sacrifice everything she's accomplished to live this lifestyle? Will Nina's dangerous and risky antics come at a price that is too much for her to handle?

Fast Lane by Shakeera Frazer takes you into the world of four friends as they go through the trials and tribulations of life. The choices these young women make, good or bad, always comes with a consequence. When the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head, it can break any solid relationship.  Ms. Frazer's portrayal of how the fast lane lifestyle can have you wanting to make a detour and think twice about your decisions. This book showed how accountability is so important. You only have one life, and the choices you make today can follow you for years to come.  Fast Lane is a definite read for any avid reader.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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