Monday, June 28, 2010

NEW REVIEW - Patricia Sargeant - Heated Rivalry

Heated RivalryPatricia Sargeant -
Heated Rivalry -
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Valerie Parker could not understand why her father insisted on pushing her away. Ever since her mother died twelve years ago, she has been seeking the attention and approval of her father. When her father consistently passes her over for promotions she has obviously earned and gives her new clients to ex-NBA star Steven Crennell, Valerie can't believe it.

After a career-ending knee injury, Steven decides to invest in Parker Publishing and put his people skills to work...and not get caught in a family dispute. Steven knows something is wrong with Valerie and her father's relationship, but he is not sure what. He just wants Valerie to stop treating him like the enemy.

Along with all of this, Steven's ex-fiance, who married one of his teammates, is back. She's back under the pretenses of needing help advertising her new spa, but she is actually back for Steven. To keep her at bay, Steven introduces Valerie as his fiance. Somewhere during the pretend love affair, Valerie let her guard down and fell for the sexy ex-NBA star. The question is: can Steven love her past all her insecurities?

Heated Rivalry by Patricia Sargeant was a good read. The plots were very well developed. There were several storylines happening simultaneously, and Sargeant does a great job of weaving them all together. The primary and secondary characters were also well developed. There were some moments when the story seemed to lag. However, Heated Rivalry was an attention keeper overall, even with all the different drama happening.
Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews
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