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NEW REVIEW: Sherryle Kiser Jackson - The Manual

The Manual (Urban Christian)Sherryle Kiser Jackson -
The Manual -
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Andre and Deidre fell in love at a very young age. With that love came DeAndre, their son. As Deidre tried to focus on school and work, Andre was still acting like he didn't have a child and was going on with his life as a normal teenager. As time went on, Deidre's mom saw that Andre was not going to change. So she made him an offer that could not be passed up. Will he take what Deidre's mom is offering, or will he man up and become the man in Deidre's and DeAndre's life?

As time went on, Deidre raised DeAndre the best she could without his father. Andre left Deidre and DeAndre when DeAndre was still a toddler. Deidre is trying to raise DeAndre right, making sure to spend lots of time with him. This included taking him to church and teaching him the word of God. There's only so much a mother can teach a son, and when DeAndre starts hitting the puberty stage, Deidre soon understands that she is going to need some male guidance. Will she try to contact Andre? And if she does, will be come through for her?

The Manual is a story of two struggling parents trying to put the past behind them and work together for the sake of their son. Author Sherryle Kiser Jackson did a nice job tying together faith and forgiveness. I was really happy about how Christ is seen as the one they seek on how to deal with their son. In the beginning, the story did drag a little, but as you read on, you soon realize how realistic she made the characters. Sometimes Deidre would hit a nerve, while other times you just wanted to pop DeAndre upside the head. Either way, there was a lot of realization in the story and that made The Manual a solid read.
Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews
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