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NEW REVIEW: Sherri Lewis - Selling My Soul

Selling My Soul (Urban Christian)Sherri Lewis -
Selling My Soul -
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It has been two years since Trina (Tree) left for Africa on missionary duty. She tried her best to keep in close contact with her family as much as she could. Sometimes she did get the feeling that she was not being told everything. When she finally comes back to the United States, she soon realizes that a lot has changed in the past two years.

While still in the airport, she finds out that her best friend, Monica, is making news. All of this brings up past memories that Tree just wanted to leave in at the past. Once she gets home to see her mom and sister, Tree now realizes that they were keeping a lot from her. Her mother was terminally ill, and her sister was not taking care of business like she was supposed to be. Tree comes to the conclusion that she needs a job, and she needs it as soon as possible.

What I like most about Selling My Soul is that it started where My Soul Cries Out ended. I thought Sherri Lewis gave a vivid picture of Africa and the people. If you have a good imagination, you can picture being there as Tree did her missionary work. For me, what made this book stand out is how her faith in Christ remained strong even with all of the drama going on in Tree's life. At different times in the book, you could see how Tree was starting to question her faith (which some of us do from time to time), but you always saw her go back to Christ. I would definitely recommend this book, but you would need to start with My Soul Cries Out just to get the back story of the charaters.  Nevertheless, Selling My Soul is a very good read.
Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews
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Thanks for this review good job, now I know i need to get My Soul Cries Out first and read it.

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