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NEW REVIEW: J. D. Mason - Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It

Take Your Pleasure Where You Find ItJ. D. Mason -
Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It -
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Renetta, Phyllis, and Freddie were high school friends that were closer than sisters until a dark secret tore them apart. Fast forward thirty years later, and the women meet again at their high school reunion. But some memories should be left buried in the past. Or should they? Renetta had a rough childhood that leads her to marry the first man who came along after high school. After years in an abusive marriage, Renetta’s husband suffers a mysterious stroke that leaves him incapacitated in a nursing home. Phyllis lived for her very successful career. Unfortunately, this dissolves her marriage and causes her to have a strained relationship with her adult daughter. When Phyllis doesn’t get a promotion that she feels she deserves, it causes her to do some self-evaluation. Freddie is very bored with her routine life. She’s been married for thirty years, but she needs something more. When Freddie decides to take some writing classes taught by her favorite author, a whole new world opens up for her. Tasha was raised by the foster care system and is looking for her birth mother. One of the three women is Tasha’s real mother. But who is it?

Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It is a superb, emotional drama by J.D. Mason. Mason weaved a wonderful tale about a horrible mistake made by high school friends that came back to haunt them thirty years later. The character development is one of the things that made this novel stand out. Each of these women had seemingly went on with their lives while running away from their past. The main focus of this story is about Tasha finding her birth mother, but you also get to see how complex the lives of Renetta, Phyllis, and Freddie have become. Readers will find themselves wondering which one of these women is Tasha’s mother. Mason did a good job of revealing this secret without it becoming obvious. There are also some surprising steamy and humorous elements in this story that added an extra kick. Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It is another classic by J.D. Mason.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert for Urban Reviews

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